Gowen Contemporary was founded in February 2009 as Faye Fleming & Partner, a partnership between Faye Fleming and Laura Gowen, based on the program of exhibitions and artist ties begun under the umbrella of 'ARQUEBUSE' from September 2006.

While the gallery is based in Geneva, its reach goes far beyond, with close ties to collectors, artists, writers, museums and other galleries throughout Switzerland, the UK, Europe and USA. Participation in international art fairs is also essential to this reach and we have exhibited our artists at the Zoo Art Fair, London, Artissima, Turin and the Armory Show, New York among others.

Since November 2010 Laura Gowen is independently continuing the activity in Geneva under the name of Gowen Contemporary with a program of exhibitions and participation in international art fairs.

For further information please contact:

Laura Gowen on (+41) 79 330 17 54 or gowencontemporary@lg-artconnection.com


Paula Rey (Director) on (+41) 78 889 12 12 or paula@gowencontemporary.com

Artist Submissions

We are sorry but the gallery does not accept unsolicited submissions from artists and any packages received are likely to be neither returned nor replied to.




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